Unlock Samsung Lawas

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-Unlock Codes for A300, A400 and A600: Type *2767*637# on the phone.
-Unlock Codes for E400, E500 and E700: *2767*688#; in newer phones: #*7337#
-Unlock Codes for S100, S300, V200 and E600: *2767*7822573738#
-Unlock solution for E715 and S307: Turn off phone. Put a non-accepted SIM card and turn it on. Type             *9998*3323#. Press Exit, choose Menu #7. After phone reboots, type *0141# and hit the Call button. Turn off the phone and insert another SIM card. Turn on, the codes are 00000000.
-Here is how to unlock Samsung Z500: 1. Turn on the phone without SIM.  2. Press *7465625*28782# and it will display 'Auto Subset Lock: Activated!'  3. Then press *7465625*28638# and it will display 'Auto Network Lock: Activated!'. Your phone should now be unlocked.
-Unlock Code for T100: *2767*full#; *2767*cust#
-Unlock Procedure for S105: Remove SIM. Enter stack reset code *2767*7822573738#. After phone reboots, enter #0111*00000000#. 'PERSONALIZATION CANCELLED' will be displayed. Phone should be unlocked.
-S500 Unlock Codes: Enter the following codes into the phone: *2767*688# or *2767*3855# or *2767*927# for new phones.
-Unlock code for R220: Type *0141#
-Unlock Procedure for X100 and X600: 1. Turn off the phone, put a non-accepted SIM card, and turn it back on.  2. At the wrong card message, type *#9998*3323#. A message will pop-up telling you to press Exit, so hit the right softkey. Choose number 7 (or 8, or 9). Your phone will reboot and your SIM will work.  3. Type *0141# and hit the Call button. This will give you a message saying your phone is personalized.  4. power down the phone and insert a SIM card other than the one that is in it. Power back up your phone.  5. At the SIM code prompt, type 00000000. Your phone should now be unlocked.
-SGH 600 and R210 Unlock Codes: *2767*3855#(old phones); Phone reset code: *2767*2878#
-This is the 100% safe solution to unlock M100 MP3 phone.  1. Type *#9998*627837793# (phone says wrong entry).  2. Type *#9998*737# (phone shows network lock status).  3. Press >/[] (play/stop) button on phone's keypad until phone shows NCK/SPCK number. Write this number down (last 8 digits) ignore first digit of the number.  4. Press Exit. Then type #0111*number you wrote down followed by #. Phone should say 'PERSONALIZATION CANCELLED' and should be unlocked now.
-Unlock codes for P400: *2767*3855# or *2767*927# for new phones.

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