Phoenix Black Box 2 - PBB2

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Phoenix Black Box 2 - PBB2
Description: Phoenix Black Box 2 - PBB2

Phoenix Black Box 2 - PBB2 original. It contains FLS4S + PKD1 + PKD1 RD so you can use Original Nokia Phoenix (DCT4 and WD2) + Original Wintesla (DCT3) and also flashing 6630 and 9500. Extra added unlocking for DCT3 and DCT4 and now also does unlocking for NEC 3G phones.

Note: 6630 unlock is not supported - Flashing 6630 by DKU2


- Full emulate / clone FLS-4 and PKD-1 devices, including USB port.
- No more require any update for any current / future phoenix release.
- Have both LPT and USB ports to connect to PC.
- Improved schematics to work with latest Nokia phone (2.7V logic levels).
- Access to new bigger and faster server for suport download.
- Indicator LED's (4 pcs) on front panel to easy view box status.
- Improved power supply circuit.
- Can make upgrade from old LPT P88 just by moving smartcard into new box.

NEC 3G One Button Unlocker for PBB
Supported models:
e228, e313, e313V, e313B, e313E,c313, c313V, c313B, c313E,e616, e616V, e616B, e616E,n313, n616, n616V- Reset codes counter
- Unlock all blocked phones
- Fast unlocking for all versions up to v22
- Unlock versions v22 and above after flash downgrade
Note:To run this software online update to PBB firmware version 05 or higher is required.

More about PBB

3 devices in one: FLS-4, PKD-1 (normal) or PKD-1RD (Research and Development dongle) In FLS-4 mode the license counter is set to 1000 units and STOPPED! Also some limited FPS-8 functions enabled (flashing too). It can use FPS-8 menu for flashing when in PKD-1 mode.

More detailed information than in FLS-4 mode when flashing in FPS-8 mode. Work as PKD-1RD (more menus enabled in Wintesla/Phoenix) R&D option in Flash menu for ADSP erase and blank check. TDMA, CDMA, WCDMA flash, repair, tuning, calibrate and Bluetooth and ADSP repair and flash.

It comes with small maintenance software who can do the following:
  • Set FLS / PKD dongle serial number to ANY value, 5 digits and / or 6 digits!!!
  • This is for prevent locking specific serial number(s) in future Phoenix updates who will be released by Nok.
  • Enables / disables FLS-4 down counter stop function.
  • (Maybe future updates of Phoenix software will no more allow stopped counter).
  • Set FLS-4 counter to any value between 1 and 16777215.
Usually Phoenix software is updated by Nokia to support new phone types / models BEFORE these phones reach the market. So, no more waiting on 3rd party softwares to receive updated software for new models.

Usually this takes long time, because the programmer(s) of 3rd party software need to receive the new phone model and do some research to update the software.

Can be used for many things than any other 3rd party software, like calibrate, tuning, testing, increase emission power...

For some operations additional equipment is needed: RF generator, jig test, frequency counter.

Also, any 3rd party software just INCREASES the programming bugs, because all of these softwares are based on research made on original Nokia Phoenix tools.

Enable user to work with different Nokia phone platforms: GSM, EGSM, TDMA, CDMA, WCDMA.

All third party flashers cannot do many service adjustments nor diagnostics, not to mention that they cannot be compatible with new upcoming models of NOKIA phones. Implement virtual COM port with full MBUS / FBUS specifications, allowing it to be used with much free software already available for DCT3 / DCT4 phones...

Strong protection against cloning by using IBM BlueZ smartcard platform.

All boxes are fully tested and quality controlled using JTAG technology.

Package Contains :
  • 1 x Phoenix Black Box 2
  • 1 x AC108 USB (A) to USB (A) cable

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