UFS-five unlock box

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UFS-five unlock box

UFS-five unlock box

Detailed Product Description
Sony Ericsson catena
Function :Unlock(mobile telephone lock,SP lock and so on),upgrade,rejigger word,repair software fault
S catena S600 S700 S700a S700c S700i S710a S710c S710i
K catena K700c K700i K500i K506c K508 K600 K300 k750
Z catena Z1010a Z1010c Z1010i Z1010 Z500a Z500i Z500 Z800i Z200 Z208 Z600 Z608
W catena W600 W800
F catena F500c F500i
D catena D750
V catena V600 V800 V802se
J catena J200 J300
P catena P800 P802 P900 P908 P910
T catena T68 T68i T230 T238 T610 T616 T618 T628 T630
LG catena
Function:upgradeunlockmobile telephone locknetwork and so onrejigger word,repair software fault and so on.
W catenaw7020w7000wt100w3000w5210w5200
Q catenaG7100G7070G7050G7030G7020G7000 G5500G5400
U8100 U8110 U8120 U8120C U8130 U8138 U8150 U8180 U8330 U8380
Samsung catena
Function:unlock(mobile telephone lock,SP lock and so on),upgrade,rejigger word and IMEI,repair software fault and so on.
A catena A100 A110 A188 A200 A288 A300 A388 A400 A408 A500 A800
C catenaC100 C108 C110 C200 C208 C210 C230
D catena D100 D108 D410 D415 D418 D428 D488 D500 D508 D600 D700 D710 D720
E catena E100 E105 E108 E300 E310 E315 E316 E318 E338 E350 E418 E600 E608 E610 E618 E638 E700 E708 E710 E715 E800 E808 E810 E818 E820 E828 E850
P catenaP100 P108 P400 P408 P510 P518 P730 P738
S catena S100 S105 S108 S200 S208 S300 S300M S308 S500 S508
T catena T100 T108 T200 T208 T300 T308 T400 T408 T500 T508 T700
V catenaV100 V200 V205 V208
X catena X100 X105 X108 X120 X138 X430 X438 X450 X458 X460 X468 X488 X600 X608 X610 X648 X710
Nokia catena
Function :Unlock(mobile telephone lock,SP lock and so on),upgrade,rejigger word,repair software fault.
1100 1108
2100 2110 2280 2300 232 2600 2650
3100 3108 3120 3200 3220 3230 3300 3510 3530 3560 3610 3650 3660
5100 5110 5110i 5140 5210 5510
6020 6021 6030 6100 6101 6102 6108 6110 6150 6170 6200 6210 6220 6230 6250 6260 6500 6510 6600 6610 6610i 6650 6670 6800 6820 6822
7200 7210 7250 7250i 7260 7270 7280 7600 7610 7650 7710
8110 8210 8250 8310 8800 8810 8850 8855 8890 8910 8910i
9110 9210 9300 9500
Support BB5 catena6630 6680 6681 6682 and so on

SHARP catena
Function :Unlock(SP lock and so on),upgrade,rejigger word,repair software fault

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