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Avator Box

Avator Box
 Avator Box
Avator Box is a service solution for Chinese cell phones that provides you with fast pinout detection. Avator Box supports Chinese phones based on the following platforms:

  • MTK
  • SPD
  • Infineon
  • SkyWorks
  • NXP
  • Qualcomm
  • ADI
  • etc.

Avator Box Updates

Avator Box (06.12.2010)
  • Added support for:
    • SPD (SC6600R NOR flash, SC8800D, SC6600L, WT6226A, 6600M/E_NAND add new Readback/Download method for some special phones such as CECT T688+, SC6600R/I Dual-Interface flash supported)
    • MTK (auto-EMI option to write Nand, MT6235 supported, (MT6223, MT6225, MT6226, MT6227, MT6235) new decrypt method, Flash device SV6C2832UTA, new NAND flash extract file or download function)
    • MTK Support new Flash device
      NOR Flash: TOSHIBA (TC58FYM8T8D, TC58FYM8B8D),
      NUMONYX (M30L0T8060B0, M36C0W5030T0),
      ESMT (FM91L03208UA), SPANSION (S29WS128R, S29WS256R, S29WS512R, S29WS01GR, S29VS128R, S29VS256R)
      NAND Flash: MICRON (MT29F2G08ABD), PowerFlash
    • SPD
      a. Enhance the function of ReadInfo
      b. Auto return nor flash configuration and reference format range!
      c. New AntiSteal unlock algorithm added
      d. New Flash device K5L2833ATA/M36LOR7050T supported
      e. NOR auto format added
      f. New NAND boots to SC6600M and SC6800
    • Added support for Qualcomm
      a. ReadInfo/Backup NV/Simulate Keypad/Unlock/Unlock Script/FileSystem Explorer
Avator Box (5.12.2010)
  • Added support for:
    • SPD (Add the expert mode to auto bootloader, download for ST family flash device and some special NAND flash device in auto mode, support dual-interface flash on SC6600I)
    • MTK (NAND flash extract file-2 function, secure BB MT6225SA supported)
    •  MTK Tracker mode (Read/rewrite/turn off/turn on the phone lock, read lock code, read SIM SMS lock code, read SMS remote control code, read phone's SW/HW version, write IMEI, Export/Import/Rewrite audio volume parameters Mic/Melody/Speech/TV-Out/Side Tone/Call Tone/FM, write bluetooth address, Read/Modify/Add/Export/Import phonebooks, Export/Import touchscreen calibration data)
    • NXP models (Samsung SYSOL: E808, E820, E638, E338, D488, X648, E108, E708, X108, X608, X628, X468, S508, E808, E820, E638, E338)
      (Samsung SWIFT: D500, D508, D600, D820, E350, E730, E750, X700)
      Lenovo and Philips
Avator Box (4.12.2010)
  • Added support for:
    • MTK (new ExtractFile function for Nand Flash, new Decrypt method for MT62xx)
    • INFINEON (Nor_S71AL016D)
    • SPD (read HW/SW info, read security code, factory set, format, fast read, download in auto mode)
    • SPD (Flash device NOR: TC58FYM8T7D, TC58FYM8B7D, TC58FVM7TDD, TC58FVM7BDD, V00570002CDGB, K5L2833ATA, M58WR064KT, M36C0W6050T0)
    • SPD (Flash device NAND: HY27US16561M, HY27UF162G5A, HY27UT088G2A, TC58NVG4D1DTG, K5E1257ACM, K5E1G12ACF, MT29F2G16ABD, HYD0SFG0MF1P, H8BCS0CG0MBR, HYD0SQG0MF1P, H8BCS0PG0MBP, TC58NYG0S8C, ST512R3A, ST512R4A, MT29F1G08ABB, MT29F1G16ABB)
  • Added two kinds of serial transfer mode (Double click status bar to change if you have failed in rx buffer)
Avator Box (3.12.2010)
  • Added support for:
    • MTK NOR Flash device (TC58FYM8T7D, TC58FYM8B7D, K5L2833ATA, M58WR064KT, M36C0W6050T0, TC58FVM7TDD, TC58FVM7BDD)
    • SiLabs Si4901 (Format info)
    • MTK (optional bootloader)
    • SKY WORKS, ADI (Auto scan pinout)
    • Double click StatusBar (to select the synchronization or asynchronous mode)
    • DA_Lib Shareware
Avator Box (2.12.2010)
  • Added support for:
    • ANYKA (Anyka_3224/L)
    • MTK (MTK622x new Decrypt method, auto convert flash file, FAT range algorithms auto format)
    • SPD (SC6800 supported, New partition table analytical algorithm for all Nand Flash, Bootloader - Protocol to amend the convention on read/download, IMEI change)
    • INFINEON (INF7870 Boot1, BOOTLOADER Fix baudrate set)
Avator Box (1.12. 2010)
  • Added support for:
    • MTK, SPD, Inf_7870, SKY, NXP4904 (export phonebook)
    • SKY (read flash)
    • SPD (clear Security Code)
    • MTK (Read phone lock code, Read HW info, Add Error info)
    • MTK (MT6225 fix bad software, MT6225/6223 Backup and Restore bad software encrypt key, Auto decrypt for MT622x)
    • MTK decryption method MT6225, MT6230 Download
    • Nand download function
Avator Box (30.11.2010)
  • Added support for:
    • Infineon 7870_7880 (download, readback)
    • C6600M/E/I/H NOR Flash (clear security code)
    • Infineon (search security code)
    • SPD (read phone H/W info)
    • SI (readback function)

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